Cacao Butter 16oz (Raw, Organic) (White Chocolate)

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EatRaw is proud to present Really-Raw, organic, chemical-free cacao butter. Cacao butter, also called cocoa butter, is the delicious cream-colored extract from cacao (chocolate) seeds. Cacao Butter is used to make white chocolate.

Cacao Butter (Organic, Raw) 16 fl oz. Raw, Organic Cacao Butter (Vegan food) contains no chemicals, no hexane, no solvents and no added sugars.

By using a carefully monitored cold-press process (well below 118 ° Fahrenheit) our cacao butter's natural enzymes, delicious raw smoothness, and aroma are preserved. Cold-press processing of raw, organic cacao is not exclusive to any one supplier and has long been used and improved by providers of raw food products.

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sun light. Raw Cacao Butter has a stable shelf-life of over a year. Our cacao butter is packed in a dark jar to reduce damage from light.

Suggested Uses: Cacao butter has a rich chocolate aroma and can be added to many recipes where chocolate is desired. Since it has not been heat processed, our cacao butter easily blends into any recipe. Cacao Butter can be combined with our raw agave nectar, raw coconut oil or other raw chocolate products to produce delicious smoothies or raw deserts.

Cacao butter has been used for centuries as a skin moisturizer. Cacao butter melts at body temperature and its beneficial concentrated natural fats are readily absorbed by the skin. These qualities have made cacao butter a favorite ingredient in topical lotions and creams. It has been long valued by women to help reduce stretch marks during pregnancy and frequently recommended for the treatment of skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

Cacao Butter 16oz (Raw, Organic) (White Chocolate)