Raw, Agave Nectar - Organic Vegan Sweetener 1 Gallon

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A wonderful Vegan Natural Sweetener that is truly "Raw". Certified USDA Organic. Excellent for everyday use as Raw / Vegan Substitute for honey, sugars, all syrup's, etc.

Since Agave Nectar is high in fructose, it does not cause the “sugar rush” associated with refined sugars (sucrose). Fructose does not stimulate digestive insulin secreation as other sugars do.

The Glycemic Index (G.I.) is an indicator of how much your blood sugar increases 2 to 3 hours after a specific food is consumed. Thus, the higher the Glycemic Index food number the faster your blood sugar will increase. Glucose is assigned a G.I. of 100, while honey has a G.I. of 58 and Raw Agave Nectar has a Glycemic Index of 46. Though excesive consupmption of all kinds of simple sugars should be avoided by diabetics, Raw Agave Nectar is a respectable alternative to artificial sweeteners.

The lighter colored grade Raw Agave Nectar EatRaw carries is basically “flavor neutral” and enhances the natural flavors of fruit smoothies, coffee, tea and un-baked goods. This is handy for those individuals, such as diabetics, who want to add sweetness to a product, but prefer to avoid the subsequent increase in blood sugar levels which would occur from using table sugar and other high sucrose and glucose sweeteners. Darker grades of Agave Nectar, having a stronger more noticeable taste, are more suited for use in sauces and baked goods.

Agave Nectar is easily poured and dissolves readily in cold drinks. Making it excellent for use in cold teas and drinks as well as pouring over cold cereals. Agave Nectar has 60 calories per tablespoon (one serving) or, in grams, 16 grams contains 64 calories.

Raw, Agave Nectar - Organic Vegan Sweetener 1 Gallon